Big cyst popped and squeezed from upper back (VIDEO)

A cyst is an abnormal closed, hollow, and membranous sac filled with air, bodily fluids, keratin, and/or pus if the cyst has ever been infected. There are many different kinds of cysts, almost all of which are benign and do not require medical intervention unless they rupture, become infected, are very large, or are painful.

Cysts can vary in appearance depending on their type and location. Cysts can range in size from smaller than a pea to a few centimetres across. They grow slowly. Skin cysts do not usually hurt, but can become tender, sore and red if they become infected. Foul-smelling pus coming out of the cyst is another sign of infection.

You need to see a doctor if you think the cyst is infected. During a cyst removal, a local anaesthetic is used to numb the skin. A tiny cut is made in the skin and the cyst is squeezed out.

In the below video you can watch the Dr. Jochen squeezes every bit of this cyst that looks like some hot grits.


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