Unfortunate accident of a 3 year old boy with a screw penetrating his left eye after lawnmower spits out bolt

His dad was using the petrol-powered tool which was slung over his shoulder when the accident happened. As he mowed the grass, the blade struck a one-inch long metal screw hidden in the lawn. The piece of metal flicked into the air and flew straight into the toddler’s eyeball.

Doctors found that miraculously the screw missed the cornea and retina. X-rays also reveal just how deep the piece of metal became lodged into his eye socket – almost reaching the skull. Doctors performed successful surgery to remove the screw.

The ophthalmologist that did the operation said that they will check the wound over the coming days but they are confident the boy will be able to see again.

He said: “Fortunately, the screw struck his eyeball but did not go into the lens, which thankfully has spared his sight.

However, due to the accident his eye bled badly and now is still bloodshot so there will be follow up treatment to help the boy see again. We’re pleased with the outcome of the surgery. If the screw had been slightly to the left he would have been blinded.”